All those cities have seen protests in recent days

All those cities have seen protests in recent days

All those cities have seen protests in recent days

While many Iranians denounce the violence that has accompanied some demonstrations, they echo the protesters frustration over the weak economy and official corruption.The government not punish the guilty and the innocent alike, said Mohammad Hossein Vakili, a 20 year old computer science student in Tehran who has struggled to find meaningful work and who joined in peaceful protests.should they arrest someone like me when I protest the rise of the price of eggs? he said.The protests began Dec. 28 in Mashhad, Iran second largest city and a bastion for hard liners, initially focusing on Iran flagging economy and rising food prices. Now, they morphed into demands for wholesale change in Iran theocratic government.On Wednesday, state TV reported pro government demonstrations in dozens of cities and towns, including Ahvaz, the capital of the oil rich province of Khuzestan, the Kurdish town of Kermanshah in the country west and Qom, the religious capital of Shiite Islam in Iran.All those cities have seen protests in recent days.The pro government crowds included women wearing the all encompassing black chador, the occasional man in military fatigues and Shiite clerics wearing black turbans identifying them as descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

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