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Your Residential Team

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Production Home Builders do not always want or need an Architect’s professional expertise, but instead need a drafting service for plans that they have already designed. These drafting services may include assistance with revisions or reformatting drawings once handled in house that now need to be outsourced due to reasons such as staffing issues, cost savings, or overall workload. This has resulted in many of our existing clients requesting these services from KSE.

In 2023, KSE Drafting, LLC was formed. With this newly formed division, we have successfully been able to provide this service to many of our existing and future clients.

Founded on a strong foundation of experience and trust, KSE has been a pivotal player in the industry for nearly two decades. What began as a collaborative effort between like-minded professionals has now evolved into a multifaceted entity that not only meets clients’ needs but exceeds their expectations. This journey, marked by dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, has led KSE to expand its horizons and create a Drafting Division, effectively broadening its range of services.

In the late 90s, individuals like Jim, Ken, and Charles found their paths intertwined within the realm of engineering, fostering relationships and shared visions. Charles’s departure and Ken’s persistence in nurturing professional connections laid the groundwork for K&S Engineering, fueled by dreams of obtaining professional engineering licenses and establishing their own firms. A convergence of values, ethics, and expertise brought Jim and Ken together, giving birth to KSE Engineering, an entity built on high standards and a resolute dedication to client satisfaction.

Today, KSE stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence. It is an entity that harmoniously fuses engineering precision with architectural finesse. With an array of services that spans across design and drafting, KSE is a reflection of the diverse talents and backgrounds of its professionals. Just as KSE Engineering earned its reputation through word-of-mouth referrals and an exceptional team, KSE too thrives on trust, competence, and an unwavering commitment to clients and employees alike.

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and architecture, KSE is a beacon of innovation, a partner that not only understands the intricacies of its field but also anticipates the needs of its clients. As it continues to grow and adapt, KSE remains true to its roots, upholding the values that have guided KSE’s journey from the beginning.