In short, O’Keefe is a fraudster and a buffoon

In short, O’Keefe is a fraudster and a buffoon

In short, O’Keefe is a fraudster and a buffoon

Fiery Redhead: Will. Flying Firepower: Taranee had the power of creating and controlling fire since the beginning, but became an example of Flying Firepower in the New Power saga, when all the Guardians (and not just Hay Lin) acquired the ability to fly. An early foe, Ember the Pain, was this since she was created. Apparently, the Swedish Customs Service asked themselves that same question after the illegal booze they confiscated from would be smugglers started to pile up. Hell, in 2006 alone, they seized 185,000 gallons at the border. So what can you do with hundreds of thousands of gallons of booze that doesn’t involve a nationwide open bar party? Convert that shit into biogas and use it to fuel the public transportation system.

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