Jump, Jim Crow! Reconstruction in the Deep South after the

Jump, Jim Crow! Reconstruction in the Deep South after the

Jump, Jim Crow! Reconstruction in the Deep South after the

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replica Purse For many people it a time of parties and fun.For others, it a time of terror and an omen their lives may be in danger. For thousands of Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, and other minorities in America, sundown meant running for one life from communities in which they were not welcome.People of color (for the 150 years since the start of the bloodiest US battle ever motivated by racism, the American Civil War) have been routinely excluded from certain communities. This exclusion can be subtle or blatant.Credit: public domainHawthorne, California, in the first half of the 20th Century probably said it best on its city limit sign: Don Let the Sun Set on You in HawthorneSuch towns, clearly posting open mistrust and hatred of blacks, were called Towns It was the kind of place where any black person (almost always black men) caught in town after sundown, might be in danger of lynching.And should any modern Americans kid themselves that Sundown Towns are a product of Jim Crow institutionalized segregation and racism (and thus, a thing of the past), he or she better think again: Sundown Towns still thrive in America.Jump, Jim Crow! Reconstruction in the Deep South after the Civil War was about integration.Southerners in the post Civil War US didn see it that way, of course. replica Purse

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