They succeeded in transforming an intangible

They succeeded in transforming an intangible

They succeeded in transforming an intangible

They succeeded in transforming an intangible, elusive moment in Canadian history into a meaningful event for people across the country,” she said.The push for a sesquicentennial organizing body was also strongly backed by Peter MacLeod, a Toronto based event planner and public outreach expert who had co hosted a March 2010 conference in Montreal 150!Canada to promote early anniversary planning and strong grassroots participation in 2017.”The government should set up a commission, and in short order, too,” MacLeod urged the heritage committee last year. “As you know, if we want to build anything of any significance, that requires planning.”The celebration of Canada’s 125th anniversary in 1992 was also spearheaded by the arm’s length, federally funded Canada 125 Corp., led by co chairs Frank King and Claude Dupras.Prompted by such testimony, opposition members of Parliament pushed successfully, in the end for a final committee recommendation calling for a similar, independent body to co ordinate Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017.But that idea, Moore confirmed with Postmedia News, has been rejected. And the announced revamping of Canada’s main history museum has sent a clear signal that because the buck stops with the government, decisions about how funds for the 2017 anniversary will be spent likely on cultural festivals, local history initiatives, the construction of public buildings and the refurbishment of centennial arenas and other ’67 “legacy projects” are bound to flow directly from the minister and his department.”Having an arm’s length committee is one approach,” Moore said, “but as we’ve often found in the past, when we’ve set up arm’s length committees to decide these kinds of celebrations, often all they’ll come back with is a list of spending options.”.

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