We’re talking, after all, about a man who made a career out of

We’re talking, after all, about a man who made a career out of

We’re talking, after all, about a man who made a career out of

This seems a deeply bizarre and disingenuous thing for a journalist of Hersh’s stature to say. We’re talking, after all, about a man who made a career out of poking official government accounts, whose biggest investigations from the 1969 uncovering of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam that won him a Pulitzer Prize to his 10,000 word claim that the Obama administration’s version of Osama bin Laden’s death was a lie also both relied on anonymous sources and made no apologies for revealing secrets that were potentially harmful to national security. Now, all of a sudden, he gets cold feet about a 60 year old story where all of the participants are dead? Hersh claims he’s protecting his source, yet he’s still willing to all but confirm Eric’s account of events on camera.

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